How to Succeed in Network Marketing

Network marketing is one of the methods of marketing products and services. The organization marketing the products creates a network of individual entrepreneurs who assist the organization in securing orders for the product. The individual marketers in the network get commission for business conducted through their efforts. The enterprising network marketers grow their own marketing network and, depending upon the compensation scheme of the organization, the network marketers also get paid for the efforts of their team mates.

Though network marketing is an old concept it has got a real boost by the development of internet. Spreading information is one of the key elements of network marketing and internet provides just the medium to spread the message at staggering speed. For millions of individuals involved in network marketing it signifies a complete business. Most of them are looking for additional source of income. They are lured by the ease with which they can join network marketing and by the expectation of making some quick money.

But what happens? Most of the people are not able to earn from network marketing. Many of them get disgusted and either leave or become inactive. According to one study there is better chance of making profit in games of chance such as gambling than in network marketing by an average person. A person who is not serious about his network marketing business would stand a better chance to earn some profit in a gambling den than in the network marketing. The same study concludes that the top few involved in network marketing earn tremendous amount of wealth at the cost of thousands of network marketers who do not earn any profits.

While I do not question the authenticity of this study, I do feel that this is a wrong way of interpreting facts. When we send our children to school we do not say that the owners of the school are earning at the cost of the students. Even those who realize this fact still send their children to school.

Network marketing provides opportunity not only for earning but also for learning. Most of the people are drawn towards network marketing by unreasonable expectations. They are led to believe that they can earn without much efforts on their part. Those who try to learn go much further than those who don’t. The network marketer has to go through the learning process to find out how he or she can succeed in earning money.

Success is something which cannot be imposed. It has to be earned. Being successful is a habit and like every other habit it can be cultivated. Success is not a single event – it is a winning mindset. Network marketing is one of the best places where you can find the opportunity to develop a winning mindset. But only those who are willing to learn can hope to benefit from this opportunity.

All the good organizations involved in network marketing provide plenty of support to its sales force. They provide learning opportunity, promotional material, and even mentoring. It is up to the individual network marketers to learn and develop himself or herself. It is not correct to compare network marketing with a game of chance. The internet marketers who are the players in this game have a clear choice – those who learn will succeed.

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